Cooling System Service

Cooling System ServiceEngine overheating in cars causes more vehicle breakdowns on the road than anything else. Overheated engines are the most common cause for severe damage to the transmission and engine. In order to keep your vehicle up and running efficiently, it is important to maintain its radiator, cooling system, and fluids. At Valvoline Express Care of Miami/Kendall, we offer high quality car maintenance services to help keep your vehicle running. Our team of cooling system experts provides preventative maintenance services for vehicles and can help you avoid engine radiator problems.

Clean and Protect Your Entire Cooling System

In order to enhance the life of your car’s cooling system, it is important to remove rust and oily residue from the cooling system and protect it from rust and corrosion. Regular vehicle maintenance of the cooling system will help prevent engine boil-over in summers or freeze ups in the winters.

Cooling System Services from Valvoline Express Care
Engine coolant is a critical part of the engine system that protects the engine from overheating or freezing.  However, its effectiveness can diminish gradually. As a result, it can rust and corrode, losing some of its protective properties. Not only this, residue from grease, oil, and scale can get clogged in the cooling system.

Get in touch with Valvoline Express Care of Miami/Kendall immediately if:

  • Your vehicle heater does not work
  • Your vehicle was recently overheated
  • Your temperature gauge gives incorrect readings

Offering professional cooling system services for automobiles, Valvoline Express Care of Miami/Kendall can help in the repair and maintenance of the cooling system of your vehicle and will:

  • Drain and flush the entire system
  • Test and attach cooling system service equipment
  • Add Valvoline Professional Series Radiator Super Flush, making sure it circulates throughout the cooling system
  • Replace the old antifreeze coolant and built-up deposits with new Zerex antifreeze coolant
  • Check for leaks
  • Top of your vehicle’s coolant system with the superior protection of Valvoline Professional Series Water Pump Lubricant and Protector

The cooling system service from Valvoline Express Care provides superior protection for your vehicle and prevents corrosion, preventing cooling system failure and enhancing the life of your engine. Contact our auto maintenance experts  at Valvoline Express Care of Miami/Kendall to keep your vehicle’s cooling system running good.


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