Automatic Transmission Service

Automatic Transmission Service

Automatic transmission is one of the most sophisticated parts of your vehicle. The transmission transforms the engine output to enable it to supply high torque at low speed required for driving, making automatic adjustments using a complex hydraulic mechanism. Regular use puts tremendous stress on the auto transmission, resulting in tiny metal particles coming off gears and contaminating transmission fluid. As a result, it affects the engine performance and energy efficiency, causing greater wear. Regular automatic transmission service can save you from extensive repairs and replacement cost.

Clean and Protect Your Entire Transmission

Your vehicle needs auto transmission regularly, that is, every 15 months, and more frequently if your car is used for towing. At Valvoline Express Care of Miami/Kendall, our auto transmission service is designed to increase protection of your transmission against wear and enhance the life of your transmission. Our transmission care experts will:

  • Flush, remove, and replace the old, contaminated fluid from the transmission system
  • Refill it with premium quality Valvoline transmission fluid
  • Install transmission flush for thorough cleaning and removal of deposits from the transmission system, including cooler, torque converter, and valve body
  • Add Valvoline Professional Series Transmission Protector, Conditioner and Sealer

A transmission flush is performed when there are signs of contaminated transmission fluid or wear of any part of the system. Removal of the contaminated fluid involves more than draining. The cooling pipe between the radiator and transmission is uncoupled, followed by filling the transmission while the engine is running. The process ensures that the fluid is forced through the transmission while flushing out the contaminated remains.

It is a complicated process and best left to the automatic transmission service experts at Valvoline Express Care of Miami/Kendall, who are highly trained with the functioning of the entire system and know how to handle any automotive complications.


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