Complete Oil System Cleaner

Oil ChangeYour vehicle’s engine is its lifeline and must be kept in good shape in order to keep your vehicle running efficiently. Not keeping up on your vehicle’s maintenance will bring your car to a halt. To prevent this from happening and to make your life easier, the experts at  Valvoline Express Care of Miami/Kendall  can clean and protect your entire engine with a Complete Oil System Cleaner maintenance service.  After all, a perfectly clean engine is critical for superior fuel economy, better vehicle performance, and longer engine life.

How Complete Oil System Cleaner Works

The specially formulated oil system cleaning solution thoroughly cleans your engine and dissolves deposits of tar, sludge, and varnish along with any worn metals. It safely and quickly

  • Dissolves sludge deposits and varnish and removes the accumulations from the engine
  • Removes harmful deposits, corrosion, varnish, and gum to restore vehicle performance and boost energy efficiency
  • Helps to restore horse power and improve fuel economy
  • Helps eliminate harmful emissions
  • Reduces abrasive engine wear metal
  • Ensures free flow of oil throughout the engine system
  • Protects against loss of lubrication

What We Do

The decomposition of oil from heat and stress results in its accumulation in the oil pan, resulting in the production of potentially damaging sludge. The sludge is extremely damaging to the engine, which can starve the engine and gradually block the engine lubrication system, especially the flow tubes and oil screens.

At Valvoline Express Care of Miami/Kendall, we use revolutionary Oil System Cleaner to instantly remove harmful deposits from the engine lubrication system to restore its lost performance. With our complete oil system cleaner service, we can

  • Drain the old, used oil
  • Replace the oil filter
  • Remove contaminants from the engine
  • Add the Solvent-Free Complete Oil System Cleaner in the engine and ensure it properly circulates throughout the engine
  • Replace oil filter to add new motor oil

At Valvoline Express Care of Miami/Kendall , we use the Complete Oil System Cleaner as part of the regular oil system maintenance program to reduce buildup of oil deposits, gums, varnish, sludge, and other contaminants that can block oil lines and screens, hindering lubrication and resulting in premature engine failure.


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