Fuel System Services

It is crucial to keep your vehicle’s fuel system unclogged to ensure your car stays up and running without any glitches. The fuel system is primarily responsible for storing and delivering fuel to the cylinder chamber. It is in the cylinder chamber that fuel turns into vapor,  mixes with air and burns to produce power for the vehicle to run.  Any small issue with the fuel system can bring your vehicle to a halt. Regular fuel system service will ensure that your vehicle undergoes a complete check and undergoes the required maintenance to keep it functioning at its peak on road.

Problems With Fuel System

The fuel system is a complex unit that includes the fuel tank, pump, lines, filter, injectors or carburetor and combustion chamber. It’s important that the fuel is as clean as possible.

The fuel filter is responsible for trapping minute particles in the fuel and preventing them from slipping into the fuel pump, injectors and carburetor. Accumulation of these particles in the filter prevents delivery of fuel, thus requiring a filter replacement for the engine to perform better.

The fuel delivery system may suffer from gumming, fuel varnish accumulation, and contamination resulting in slowed response time, sticking parts or misfiring of fuel injectors. Undoubtedly, this adversely affects engine performance. Regular fuel system service will enhance the efficiency of the fuel system and help the engine perform better.

What We Do

At Valvoline Express Care of Miami/Kendall, we are car care experts and provide top-notch fuel system services for your vehicle. Out team of specialists can perform fuel system cleaning service to help:

  • remove intake valve deposits from fuel injectors and the air intake system
  • remove fuel varnish accumulation from intake valves
  • clean the system, combustion chamber
  • reduce cylinder head deposits
  • protect your entire fuel system
  • increase fuel economy
  • reduce harmful emissions
  • reduce knocking, rough idle
  • attach cleaning tools to the system
  • clean combustion chamber deposits
  • increase power and performance

It is important that your vehicle is regularly checked and undergoes fuel system service every 36,000 miles to keep it running efficiently. Visit  Valvoline Express Care of Miami/Kendall  and let our trained staff improve the fuel system of your car and keep it running on the road.


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