Valvoline Express Care Oil Change

Your vehicle is your best buddy that takes you where you wish to go. When it comes to taking care of your vehicle, it is more about preventative maintenance from a reputable company that involves regular oil changes, differential fluid changes, transmission fluid changes and fuel system cleaning. To protect your automobile the best, take it for a complete oil system cleaning from Valvoline Express Care of Miami/Kendall.

Is It Time for Oil Change?

Your vehicle needs periodic health check-ups, just like your body, to prolong the life of the engine and enhance vehicle performance. So you need the auto services of a trusted car doctor that can provide quick, affordable, and personalized preventative health care for your vehicle! At Valvoline Express Care of Miami/Kendall, our team of trustworthy automotive technicians are highly trained and experienced in providing Valvoline express oil change service at affordable rates.

Whether you own a new car or a classic beauty, we know how to treat and take care of your vehicle. Allow us to help your car feel GREAT with a top-rated Valvoline Express Care Oil Change service.

What Valvoline Express Care Oil Change Does For Your Vehicle

Most oil-related problems cause wear and tear in to your vehicle. What sets an oil change service from Valvoline Express Care of Miami/Kendall  apart from its competitors is that the Valvoline Express Care Oil Change dissolves and removes deposits, sludge and varnish from internal combustion engines. Not only this, it

  • Helps enhance engine efficiency and prolong life
  • Helps restore horse power and fuel economy
  • Helps reduce harmful emissions
  • Prevents engine wear

A Valvoline Express Care Oil Change is one of the most reliable ways to avoid costly, inconvenient breakdowns.  To prolong the life of your vehicle, visit Valvoline Express Care of Miami/Kendall for all your vehicle maintenance.

What We Do

Our Valvoline Express Care Oil Change service center is your best option in getting preventative maintenance for your vehicle. We offer a stay-in-your-car solution to help keep your vehicle in good shape.

Valvoline™ is a trusted name that has been creating innovative formulas for recycled, racing, synthetic, and high-mileage motor oils.

Our wide range of services include full-service oil change, air filter, transmission, wiper blade, radiator, air-conditioning services, and serpentine belt replacement. With commitment to keeping your vehicles safely rolling down roads, we can help:

  • Replace oil filter - Drain used motor oil and replace the oil filter in your vehicle
  • Clean & clear engine – Remove contaminants from engine
  • Add oil - Replace oil filter again and replace motor oil
  • Circulate oil system cleaner">oil system cleaner – Add Solvent-Free Complete Oil System Cleaner and circulate it throughout the engine

Visit Valvoline Express Care of Miami/Kendall today to give your automobile a high quality oil change service at competitive rates.


  • "I have been going to the same Valvoline Center for a while and I always get a courteous and professional service."
    - Isa G
  • "They took care of me quickly and explained the entire procedure. Highly satisfied"
    - Abraham161
  • "Staff was very helpful and informative about my vehicle. Service was great and quick. Will definitely return"
    - FelipeA